Engineering Seismology and Soil Dynamics

Earthquakes belong to the most destructive natural disasters. Engineering seismological studies enable the evaluation of site-specific seismic loads (response spectrum, strong motion duration etc.). This is important especially for constructions with higher safety requirements like dams, industrial facilities or nuclear power plants. For the calculation of the earthquake hazard, usually probabilistic analyses are used under a systematic consideration of uncertainties. Upon request, deterministic hazard analyses are conducted as well. For the refinement of the site-specific accelerations soil dynamic calculations are performed.

SDA-engineering was involved as a technical reviewer in the PEGASOS Refinement Project regarding the seismic hazard assessment of Swiss nuclear power plants and participates in the development of codes and guidelines for nuclear facilities in national and international working groups. The networking with colleagues worldwide and the cooperation with RWTH Aachen University in research projects ensures that the high expertise in this field considers the current state-of-the-art.